Treatments at the Top Regenerative, Sports & Pain Management Centers in Loveland, Greeley & Boulder

At Colorado Clinic, our providers work with you every step of the way to develop effective treatment plans. With over 50 therapy options available, your chances for success at pain relief are exceptionally high!

Our goal is to utilize the most minimally-invasive therapies that both reduce your pain and put you on a path to long term optimal health. Our providers offer both medical and interventional pain management to Northern Colorado at three locations in Greeley, Loveland and Boulder.

Along with traditional pain management, new and cutting edge options are offered including regenerative medicine with stem cell injections, platelet rich plasma therapy, hormone replacement and more!

Treatments offered at Colorado Clinic include:

Auto Accident Treatment

Baclofen Pumps for Spinal Cord Injury

Botox® Injections

Celiac Plexus Block


Drug Rehab (Outpatient with Suboxone)

Epidural Blood Patch

Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural Adhesiolysis

Facet Joint Injection

Ganglion Impar Block

Hormone Replacement

Hypogastric Plexus Block

Ilioinguinal/Genitofemoral Nerve Block

Intercostal Nerve Block

Interventional Pain Management

Intrathecal Pumps

Joint Injections – Hip, Knee, Shoulder

Ketamine Infusions

Knee Injections


Lumbar Sympathetic Block

Medial Branch Nerve Block


Occipital Nerve Block

Opioid Detox with Suboxone

Pain Medication Management

Percutaneous Discectomy (MILD)

Peripheral Nerve Block

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Personal Injury Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Radiofrequency Ablation/Neurolysis

Regenerative Medicine

Sacroiliac Joint Injection

Selective Nerve Root Block

Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block

Spinal Cord Stimulator Implants

Stellate Ganglion Block

Stem Cell Injections

Suboxone Treatment

Superior Hypogastric Block

Trigeminal Nerve Block

Trigger Point Injections



Workers Compensation Treatment