How to stay fit during Christmas

The holiday season during Christmas is a time when you voluntarily forget your diet and exercise schedule and instead splurge on the gastronomical delights on offer during this period.This sudden change in lifestyle puts you at high risk of gaining weight. However, the scenario may change and you can enjoy Christmas without losing fitness if you keep the following useful tips in mind:

1.Do not go out on an empty stomach

If you are visiting a restaurant or a friend’s house for dinner, make sure you eat something before you head out. This will assure that you do not indulge too much in food stuffs that are not good for your health.

2.Select the food wisely

Even though all festive food items are mouth-savouring and unavoidable, try to select ones among them that are the healthiest options for you. For example, you can avoid a chocolate pastry and instead enjoy an equally delicious Christmas fruit cake.

3.Do not skip meals

You may believe that skipping a meal will help you compensate for the extra calories you consumed the previous day. However, this is not the ideal way to stay fit as you will lose out the right nutrients that your body requires if you skip the healthy meals at your home.

4.Be careful of what you are drinking

Festive season is also the time when you get to enjoy a drink after a long time with your close ones. However, too much of alcohol or soft drinks are not good news for you body. Keep yourself within limits to avoid damage to your health from these drinks. Also do not forget to drink loads of water to clear your body of toxins

5.Be Active

Even though Christmas means spending time with your loved ones, it does not mean you cannot spare half an hour for your fitness regime. Even if you do not find time to perform a full workout, you can take long walks or park your car at a distance and walk to your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc., to keep yourself fit.

6.Plan outdoor activities

Enjoy a game of snowball with your children or plan some other outdoor games with your friends to burn the extra calories you gain during the festive season.

7.Do not forget to enjoy

In your attempts to stay fit, do not forget to enjoy yourself so that you may not regret later. Set realistic goals for yourself. For example, completely cutting down on Christmas food treats could result in making you unhappy or an exercise plan of an hour or more might not be easy to execute. So, try to maintain an optimum balance of both fun and fitness during Christmas.

8.Seek advice of professionals

If you are still worried about staying fit during Christmas, contact a care specialist like the back pain doctors at Boulder to suggest you ways and means to avoid compromising your health during Christmas. Often, a change in lifestyle can result in triggering an underlying chronic disease condition manifesting as pain in your body. If you suffer from any sort of pain, immediately report to back pain doctors at Boulder for advice and correction of the condition.