How can Chronic Pain Management be treated with Rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulators?

Spinal cord stimulators can be described as battery powered electronics devices that are found in a small metal container. They are surgically implanted under the patient’s skin in the low back area. The main purpose of these stimulators is to send low levels of electrical energy directly to the spinal cord to alter the way the body perceives pain signals. The pain comes to some degree and then a feeling that is described as a tingling or warm sensation.chronic failed back pain

The good thing about rechargeable spinal cord stimulators is that the battery is rechargeable. Once the battery in a non-rechargeable device runs low, the patient requires surgery to replace the stimulator’s batteries. The batteries lasts for approximately three to five years if not rechargeable.

The newest devices are rechargeable from outside the body, which is great.

Managing Chronic Pain

If pain last longer than six months, it is referred to as chronic pain. Chronic pain is the result of an injury, disease, trauma or dysfunction of the central nervous system. First line form of treatment such as pain relief medication, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments etc., can be used in treating chronic pain. However, if the pain goes away whether from such treatments or surgery, your physician may refer you to pain management physicians.

Colorado pain management physicians work with their patients to help create a customized pain management treatment plan. From this, the Boulder pain physician can identify the best form of therapy to use on each patient depending on their condition. If the treatment does not succeed in relieving pain, more advanced treatments such as spinal cord stimulation may be recommended.

How do Spinal Cord Stimulators work in treating Chronic Pain?

Spinal cord stimulators fall in the class of treatment known as neurostimulation/neuromodulation. Both types of treatment can use implanted devices to treat pain from its source. The spinal cord stimulators are designed to treat different types of chronic pain such as;

  • Chronic pain that result from the failed back surgery syndrome.Spinal_Cord_Stimulators
  • Neuropathic pain or nerve pain involves damage subjected to the nerves. It has symptoms such as burning, severe pain and numbness or tingling.
  • Chronic pain resulting from radiculopathy such as sciatica

The major Neurostimulation Systems used for pain management include;

Eon Neurostimulation System

The Eon Neurostimulation System device is a small generator accompanied by a programmer that is placed above the spinal cord that allows remote control of stimulation intensity. Its battery life is estimated to be approximately seven years.

Restore Neurostimulation System

This device uses a battery with a life span of about nine years. When the batteries are low, this device has an alarm which will go off immediately and an icon appear on the programmer screen.

Precision Spinal Cord Stimulation System

The Scientifically made precision device that consists of several leads and a generator that are implanted directly under the skin. It has a battery life of an estimated five years. Recharging takes few hours by simply placing a portable cordless recharger over the actual implant.Pain Management Loveland CO

While Spinal cord stimulators may not be considered a cure for pain, the main aim of spinal cord stimulation is to help most patients return their normal lifestyle by reducing chronic pain to a manageable level.

Colorado Clinic offers treatment with spinal cord stimulator implants for those with all types of chronic pain who are not candidates for a surgical fix. This may include Failed Back Surgery, postlaminectomy syndrome, postherpetic pain, RSD, CRPS and more.

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