Hormonal Imbalance Issues that can Result During Chronic Pain Management

Back Pain Doctor Boulder COHormones are in control of everything, from hunger to menses. So, it’s only understandable that when something goes wrong, it goes very wrong. There are several diseases and illnesses that can affect hormones.

In the female, it can be that cysts have grown on the ovaries, making it hard for estrogen to be released into the body. That’s just one example of when hormones are stopped or hindered. When chronic pain management is being offered, patients may end up with significant hormonal imbalances due to the medications.

Colorado Clinic routinely checks for these issues, since they can hinder the excellent results that are typically achieved.

Symptoms Related to Hormone Imbalance

There are a lot of symptoms related to hormone imbalance. A man or a woman can experience acne, moodiness, and aches. Other symptoms include:

*        Acne – This problem usually appears a week or so before a woman’s menstrual cycle starts. Usually, if not always, testosterone is at the base of acne, especially the really deep ones.

*        Memory problems – Ever feel like you are forgetting something? Sometimes these little episodes of memory loss can be triggered by hormones, as they dictate this as well.

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Hormonal imbalance can lead to IBS.

*        Insomnia – Struggling to stay asleep or even fall asleep can be caused by hormones. A drop in progesterone can be the cause of this symptom. This drop can also trigger cramps, breast tenderness, and bloating.

*        Nonstop hunger – Feeling like a bottomless pit can be hormone-based. It can make it impossible to lose weight, unfortunately. The insomnia, or loss of sleep, increased hunger women.

*        Irritable bowel syndrome – If a person’s stress isn’t carried in his or her head, like in headaches, she may carry it in her stomach giving her this symptom. One of the causes of this symptom is suggested to be serotonin-related.

*        Persistent fatigue – When someone feels tired often, it may be due to hormonal imbalance.

*        Weight gain – Before a woman’s menstrual cycle, she may gain weight due to the natural hormone imbalance that occurs in most women.

Balancing Your Hormones

Acne – For acne, try taking birth control pills to control the hormones and return them to balance. If you already are taking oral contraceptives, and the acne isn’t going away, try talking to a doctor about spironolactone to help block the testosterone receptors.

Memory problems – For memory problems, try doing new things, or working on mind puzzles, to help the mind to build more on itself and get stronger. Studies have shown that regular exercise of the mind makes it healthier and faster as it creates more neural pathways.

Insomnia – For insomnia, try talking to your doctor about possible solutions or try natural methods like warm milk and tea. These things can help, but if it’s persistent a prescription might be given to help induce sleep at night.

Hunger – For hunger, it’s not all about willpower. Try sleeping more and getting at least seven hours of sleep. This will help restoring the leptin to optimal levels so you don’t feel like eating all the time. When you eat, opt for complex carbs and proteins.

IBS – For Irritable bowel syndrome, sometimes Paxil is prescribed, or another anti-depressant, as it reduces anxiety and depression which irritates the bowels. Even if depression isn’t the cause, it can help with IBS.Top Pain Management Loveland CO

Fatigue – For fatigue, getting at least seven hours may help. If this is already happening, ask your doctor about thyroid problems. It may be the cause of the fatigue. Going and getting it checked would be best, though some doctors are unsure when it comes to treating illnesses like hypothyroidism.

Final Thoughts

These are all things that can be done to help treat and prevent hormone imbalances or their symptoms. The family doctor can prescribe just about anything that is needed here. No matter the symptom, it should always be discussed with the doctor. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, try the doctor first. He or she may be able to help and even try more natural methods too.