Facts you need to know about Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Workers’ compensation doctors are doctors who offer medical care and treatment to employees who get injured at work and are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. This may include physicians, pain management doctors and other associated medical professionals.

The Role of a Workers’ Compensation Doctor

Workers’ compensation doctors not only provide treatment for your injuries, they also help you return to work. With detailed medical reports and documentation about your workers’ compensation injuries and treatment, they provide important evidence for your case.

When to go to a Workers’ Compensation Doctor

If you get injured or hurt at work or develop an illness or medical condition due to your work, you should seek treatment from a Colorado workers’ compensation doctor immediately.

Seeking early medical attention is important because it documents the progress of your health as it relates to your workers’ compensation claim.

It is also important to seek treatment early because you may not realize that you have a workers’ compensation claim until the doctor notices a condition is related to your job. For example, you may be suffering from severe hand pain, but only your doctor may be able to identify that this is due to a condition known as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that has developed from your job as a secretary.

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