Do You Know You Can Look Old Due to Pain

Chronic pain at times might make people feel grow older within few minutes of the pain. The actual aging process in the human being starts from 30 years. As per the new researches and the findings there are much reference of patients suffering from long-term back or neck pain.

As per the current issues of the Journal of the American Geriatric Society chronic pain, patients who are of age 50-59, looks the same just as the person who is ailing in a hospital and might be two to three decade elder than him or her. The chronic pain sufferers in general grow old faster.

Some of the physical activities, which they deter to do, are –

1. Walking or jogging

2. Climbing the stairs

3. Upper extremities honed

4. Taking up day-to-day activities like bathing, dressing up or eating

The researchers of University of California in San Francisco have also noted down that the 18,500 participants, aged as long as 50 years old, took part actively into the 2004 Health and Retirement Study that helped to boost the physical activity of the members.

Some of the notable findings that the experiments has concluded are –

1.More than 24 percent of the patients have pain across the four physical abilities and with higher number of physical limitations as well.

2.The number of patients who suffered from chronic pains and could not jog a mile was 9 percent compared to those 37 percent of patients in the same age group who does not suffer any type of pain

3.The study has also shown that the 50 percent of chronic pain sufferers lies in the age bracket of 50-59 years. They also have walked a few mile with their pain but with no difficulty similar to those 91 percent people how does not suffer from any pain though lies in the same age bracket.

Chronic pain sufferers thus have been facing this daily and this reflects on their face as well. Here are some common reactions of those young age people who are suffering from chronic pains since a long time:

“A 28-year-old person said that the chronic back pain that she had lasted for five years and it seemed as if she was an 82 year old.

The 24-year-old person suffering from cervical herniated disc feeling 40 years older than his present age

Similarly, a person of 50 years of age look 20 years more if he is suffering from similar kind of back pain, neck pain or muscular pain.”

With the number of pain levels that keep on boiling the pain our body takes toll on physical and mental health makes us fall ill. Moreover, the consultants across the world on reference to this situation advise for exercises and therapies to curb the level of pain.

For more information, you talk to a pain management specialist any time if you find that your pain has been lasting for more than three to six months.