How is a Bulging Disc Treated?

A Bulging disc is a degenerative spine condition that develops naturally over time due to wear and tear of the spine. Chronic pain is possible with bulging disc due to pressure on the spine from weight gain or repetitive motion. The vertebrae (spinal bones) will mash or squeeze the disc in between them. As it squeezes, the disc will expand and flatten, causing the “bulge” into the spinal canal. When this happens, it can aggravate nerves which may cause pain.


How common is a bulg...


Overview of Back Pain and Treatment from a Colorado pain clinic

Back pain is a worldwide leading cause of disability. It's the most common reason that people miss work and go to the doctor. Most people experience this pain at least once in their life.

Certain measures can be taken to prevent back pain experiences. If you can't prevent it, there are ways to help relieve back pain until hopefully it feels normal again. Within a week or so, your back should feel better with home treatments. If the pain is more severe, a doctor must be consulted.




What is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Low back pain is a major cause of disability and chronic pain problems. It is the most common reason for medical consultations. Low back pain also interferes with work performance, quality of life, and usual activities of daily living. Because millions of people have spine problems, surgery of the spinal column is common. Unfortunately for a small percentage of these patients, the surgery does not relieve the pain, or a new problem develops after surgery. Pain following back surgery is called fa...


The Burden of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain is now considered a major public health problem with high costs for society and the individual patient. To improve the prevention and treatment of chronic pain, researchers have conducted many epidemiologic studies to assess for chronic pain. The aims of these studies are to estimate the prevalence of chronic pain in the adult population, and to assess the overall burden of chronic pain.


In a simple random sample of 25,000 people living in Denmark, researchers found tha...


Intrathecal Therapy for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a major problem in the United States. A new, effective means of pain control is the Medtronic Targeted Drug Delivery System, which involves managing chronic intractable cancer pain, neuropathic pain, and musculoskeletal pain. Intrathecal therapy for chronic pain involves use of medications that bypass the gastrointestinal tract.

How does intrathecal pain medication work?

Oral medications must be absorbed systemically, crossing the blood-brain barrier to reach pain signals. ...