4 Incredible Treatments Offered By Sports Medicine Doctor

Any issues of physical fitness, treatment and prevention of sports- and exercise-related injuries, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation can be treated by sports medicine doctors Denver at leading pain clinics, such as Colorado Clinic. The top sports medicine doctor Boulder treats athletes and physically active individuals for injuries to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, injury prevention and rehabilitation and any other conditions that can affect athletes’ physical performance. Here are the top 4 treatments that are offered by sports medicine doctors Denver at Colorado Clinic.

Conservative Treatments

Conservative, non-surgical treatments are chosen by sports medicine doctor Boulder before other treatment options. Medications such as anti-inflammatory medications are used to treat pain and physical therapy and rehabilitation is used to aid recovery from injuries.

Interventional Treatments

Sports medicine doctors Denver provide minimally invasive pain interventions. Pain treatment ranges from injection of corticosteroids to innovative treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy or cellular grafting with amniotic stem cells. Neurolytic blocks and radiofrequency ablation is also used to alleviate chronic pain.


Sports medicine doctor Boulder specializes in injury prevention by guiding athletes in the proper manner of training to prevent trauma and other adverse events.


Sports medicine doctors Denver at Colorado Clinic focus on maximizing physical performance of athletes. They provide programs to improve athletic performance, while avoiding injury.

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