10 Telltale Signs You Should Seek a Drug Rehab

Substance abuse is a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as it is recognized. Effective drug rehabilitation at leading rehabs, such as Colorado Clinic in Boulder can help patients overcome addiction and cultivate a drug-free lifestyle.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they are abusing drugs for a long time. Here are the most common signs that a person is suffering from drug abuse and should seek treatment at a rehab immediately.

  • 1. Drug intake increases and continue over a longer duration than what was intended
  • 2. The drug use can’t be reduced despite a desire to do so
  • 3. The person spends a lot of time to obtain and use the drug, or recover from the effects
  • 4. Experiencing cravings to use drugs
  • 5. Drug use results in a failure to fulfill personal and professional duties
  • 6. Drug use continues despite social or interpersonal problems
  • 7. Failure to engage in social, occupational, or recreational activities
  • 8. Drug use continues even in hazardous situations or recurrent physical or psychological problems that are likely to have been cause or worsened by the substance
  • 9. Tolerance, as –
    • * The need for markedly increased amounts of drugs to achieve intoxication or desired effect
    • * diminished drug effect with continued use of the same amounts of drug
  1. 10. Withdrawal, as –
    1. * drug withdrawal symptoms
    2. * drugs are taken to relieve or avoid withdrawal symptoms

The drug rehab in Boulder, CO, offers outpatient drug rehabilitation with Suboxone, which avoids the cost and time associated with inpatient rehab.