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Effective Headache Treatments

People who experience migraines feel, see, touch and hear the world differently all the time, not just during an attack. Migraines affect over 10% of the population, with the World Health Organization ranking migraines 19th for years lived with disability.


Effective treatment is available at IHCC with our Board Certified neurologist, Arnaldo Da Silva MD. Therapies are available that are able to reduce both the frequency and severity of migraine attacks!



Your Headache Expert Arnaldo Neves Da Silva, MD

Colorado’s Top Headache Specialist

Arnaldo Neves Da Silva, MD, offers exceptional and experienced headache management at several locations on the Front Range. He is Board Certified in both Neurology and Headache Management, while also being an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado.


Over twenty exceptional therapies are available for all types of headaches including migraines, tension-type, cervicogenic, medication overuse headaches and cluster headaches. The newest interventional procedures are offered which include stem cell therapy and Botox therapy too.


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