Hormone Replacement

Chronic pain is the body’s way of alerting the brain that something is wrong. If a person falls and scrapes their knee, it is understood that pain is something that person is likely to experience. But what happens when we have ongoing intense pain, along with other symptoms, and are unsure what the root cause is?

Many Americans are experiencing chronic pain and using prescribed medicine to block the pain. By treating the symptoms effectively, the patient may end up with unintended consequence. This could be hormonal imbalances which could lead to secondary symptoms including fatigue, malaise, irritability, inability to concentrate, loss of sex drive and mood swings.

At Colorado Clinic the expert providers can evaluate for these hormone deficiencies and can help place them back into balance! Here are some key hormones:

Thyroid           Testosterone            Estrogen

Colorado Clinic offers full hormone evaluation for its patients and customized hormone replacement. This can help rectify your symptoms and further reduce your pain!


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